Sweetgreen Gets a New Leader Rossann Williams!

Sweetgreen, the famous salad restaurant in Los Angeles, has a new boss! They just hired Rossann Williams to be their Chief Operating Officer (COO). She’s really good at making businesses grow, and now she’ll be in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly at Sweetgreen. This big decision came after the person who had the job before, Chris Carr, left last year.

Meet Rossann Williams

Rossann Williams is like a superhero in the restaurant world. Before joining Sweetgreen, she worked at Starbucks, the coffee place we all know. She knows how to help big brands like Starbucks grow and make lots of money. Sweetgreen’s CEO, Jonathan Neman, is super excited to have her on the team. He said, “She’s perfect for us because she believes in the same things we do, and I can’t wait to work with her to bring more yummy food to our communities.”

Her Time at Starbucks

When Rossann worked at Starbucks, she was in charge of making sure everything went well at thousands of Starbucks stores. She helped them sell more coffee and open new stores, even when it was tough during the pandemic. She became really important there, and now she’s bringing all her knowledge to Sweetgreen. That means our favorite salad place is going to get even better!

Jonathan Neman’s Big Plans

The boss of Sweetgreen, Jonathan Neman, has some big dreams for the future. He loves that Sweetgreen is a company started by people who care a lot about making good food. Jonathan thinks Rossann is the perfect person to help Sweetgreen grow even more. He said, “I really like that Rossann believes in our mission to make sure more people can eat yummy, real food. I’m so happy she’s joining us right when we’re getting ready for a super exciting time of growth!”

Exciting Times Ahead

Now that Rossann Williams is part of the Sweetgreen team, they’re getting ready for some cool changes. She knows a lot about making businesses better, and Sweetgreen is ready for the next chapter. With Rossann leading the way, our favorite salad spot is going to become even more awesome. So, get ready for more delicious salads coming your way soon in Los Angeles!

In Conclusion

Sweetgreen choosing Rossann Williams as their Chief Operating Officer is a really big deal . She’s like a superhero in the restaurant world, especially after her time at Starbucks. With her on board, Sweetgreen is going to grow, and we’ll be able to enjoy more tasty and healthy food. It’s an exciting time for Sweetgreen, and we can’t wait to see what yummy surprises they have for us!